PT Septindo Karya Mandiri


We perform our services to the following area;

PLC - HMI - Inverter Component & Instrument (All Brands)

Power Supply, Motor, Drive, Power Supply

Sensor, Card Control, Servo Valve, etc.

Software Modification


We conduct our expertise on HMI & SCADA that provide:

  • PLC : CPU Module, D/A & I/O Module, Power Supply Module, etc.
  • HMI : Blackout (matot), Freeze/Blank LCD, Error System, etc.
  • Inverter VSD & VFD
  • Servo Drive, Servo Motor, DC Drive, CNC
  • Power Supply, UPS, Ultrasonic Power Supply
  • Sensor & Card Control
  • Servo - Solenoid Valve, Professional Valve, etc.
  • PLC & HMI software modification

Electrical & Mechanical